Friday, October 30, 2009

David Koilpillai - Rembrants in your attic

Dr. David Koilpillai, Professor, Electrical Department, IIT Madras spoke on the technical challenges in  innovations and the entire innovation process. He spoke on the need to have domain expertise in order to make any progress in the filed of innovation once wishes to target. Only when one is faced with real life challenges does the need arise. Vice-versa is true very rarely. He gave an example of the power switching used in mobile phones when they are in motion.

He stressed on the need to understand the overall system in order to recognize technology gaps and service gaps. The pressing need to achieve breakthrough drives the spirit of innovation. It is here that an organization decides to either "buy" or 'make" a technology. Innovative ideas must be developed into the "proof of concept" stage to check for interoperability with the whole system. It is only after this phase that a company decides to scale up or productize the innovation. The final product in marketing terms would incur expenses on marketing, sales and advertising, customer support and technical support. It therefore becomes increasingly important to have a solid plan for the entire life cycle of the product.

He linked the scenario to the proverbial "Rembrants in your Attic". Technology protection is riven by patents and it is necessary in today's competitive world. He gave exciting insights into the future of wireless technology by explaining cognitive radio and sensing smart devices.

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