Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Profile : Naveen Kulkarni, Director, Business Development, Philips

Educated at the Queensland Institute of Technology, Brisbane, Australia Naveen did his Masters in Life Sciences. He is well known in the life sciences industry and has been an entrepreneur. Previously , he did his B.Sc from Bangalore University. He founded Polyclone Bioservices and led the company as a CEO and successfully forged Drug discovery alliances and developed markets for Genomics and Proteomics services.In charge of overall strategy & leadership, Naveen is a life science professional with an experience of over ten years in the drug discovery industry having successfully combined Molecular Biology research experience with entrepreneurial skills. Previously he also worked as a Principal Consultant, Life Science at SysArris and brought his experience to his current position at Philips.
Within a short span of time, he has risen from being a bench worker at a research centre to heading a strategic business unit of a life science solutions organization.He has conceptualized and helped in the development of  novel solutions to accelerate drug discovery processes and has successfully directed teams consisting of experts from different domains ranging from Chemistry, Proteomics and Systems biology. Currently he heads the business development unit of Philips as the director.

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